You may recall that 9 years ago, I made a mistake in my business which led to the loss of our family home. I wrote about it in the blog, “A Promise You Can Believe In

8 years passed. The reality for us was that we couldn’t save a deposit faster than what home prices rose by. It was a boom time for housing… but we didn’t have the money to re-enter the market.

However, last year, when we had given up hope of ever getting a home, the Lord led us into a window of opportunity and we were able to acquire a home again.

The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.
Proverbs 10:22

We were blessed by getting a brand new home built. The young salesman was honest and helpful. The Bank miraculously gave us the loan. The builder, Frenken Homes, was most helpful. They gave us the ability to pay just a $5000 deposit with no progress payments and on the day they gave us the key, we gave them the Bank Cheque. While this confused our Bank, it made it possible for us to build and still rent.

During the building phase, the builder let us do different things like drill 25mm holes in all the noggins so that later on we could drop cables down inside any wall. They even let me wire up my own CAT5 cabling for my LAN. The building went so smoothly. In fact it finished ahead of schedule!

The finishing ahead of schedule allowed the place we were renting, at the time, to be taken over by another Pastor, at our church, who needed urgent, but temporary, accommodation until their home was finished being built.

We moved in and the Global Economic Crisis hit. Our mortgage dropped significantly and the pressure of repayments dropped. In addition, all our insurances dropped and the Insurance companies gave us significant reductions for covering our house, contents and cars because it was a ‘low crime’ area. They even sent us a refund cheque…never had that happen before!

We love our new home. And it is our testimony that it was “a blessing of the Lord” and He definitely “added no trouble to it“.