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Working with business & non-profits to enhance their systems & processes and improve efficiencies, bottom-line, staff morale and build a margin for growth.

When I was a boy, I loved taking the standard lego blocks and building different things with them. Other kids got frustrated when the pre-designed instructions were lost. For me, I was invigorated. Elaborate constructions ensued and other kids joined in. So, an early discovery set my path as a Creative Builder!

Today I believe in finding right solutions, systems and processes (the blocks if you will) to fix internal and external business frustrations. And, like all good kids who learnt to share their toys, I manage expectations and create desire in existing employees, or volunteers, to implement needed changes with a sense of empowerment, focus, determination, effectiveness, efficiency and joy.

As proof, let me share with you my success stories to-date.

I’m ready to create another success story!

Depending on your needs, we can discuss project-based, contract, full-time or part-time employment. Let’s get together and discuss your ‘blocks’ and decide how I might be a Creative Builder for you.

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