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Arkyn Ethan Vander Reyden

I’m a Grandpa!

I’m a Grandpa! I’m a Grandpa! I’m a Grandpa! I’m a Grandpa! I’m a Grandpa! I’m a Grandpa! Think I’m ecstatic? I sure am. And that is because my daughter, Jessica, and my wonderful son-in-law, Ethan, have given Judith and I, a Grandson. Welcome to… Arkyn Ethan Vander Reyden Born on December 1st, 2015 at…


Freedom comes with Great Responsibility

1.3 Million people flooded Paris’s Place de la République to pay tribute to victims murdered in attacks by Islamist extremists and marched for the Freedom of speech. But Freedom carries with it duties and responsibilities that sometimes people do not grasp or quickly forget.


How do we respond to Islamic State?

A good friend and Brother-in-Christ, Peter Kentley, wrote the following article. I thought it to be both balanced and absolutely spot on! So for those who have not yet seen it, it is worth the read


Same Sex Marriage

My current perspective on Same Sex Marriage

If a homosexual couple desire to make a commitment to each other, fine. But let them call it something else. It is not a marriage. Don’t confuse being against Same Sex Marriage as being equal to anti-gay, it’s very different. I’m all for equals being treated equally but consider the following: Marriage is not about…


I’ve been asleep.. why didn’t you wake me?!

I fell asleep. Why didn’t someone wake me up?! When you sleep, you don’t know you are asleep. You need something or someone to wake you up… only then do you realise you have been sleeping. Are you asleep? Maybe this is your wake up call. It certainly was mine.


Wisdom: The Mark of The Beast

There has been a lot of theories about the Mark of The Beast. It has kicked off heaps of hoaxes and fear mongering over many years. So, here are my thoughts on the matter. I too am seeking wisdom…and may not have this correct either… I remain willing to be corrected or indeed exposed to further wisdom.