I hadn’t seen my Mum & Dad in 5 years. We talk on the phone but we just haven’t seen them because they live 2000km away and are of a generation that doesn’t have confidence in computers, Internet and pose a blank look when you mention words like Skype.

When I saw Mum & Dad, I was amazed at how frail and slow we get as we age. Our bodies may break down but we are only as old as we think we are.

As we get older, we also realise that material things are not that important.

My Dad, over the years, had 18 brand new cars, including an XJS Jaguar, a big flash home and successful businesses. But today these are but a distant memory.

The most precious thing to my Dad now, is my Mum. A close second is my sister and I. But it has taken my Dad all his life to discover that!

I was fortunate to discover early that family and relationships are more important than all the flash cars, wizz bang technology, big house and a ton of money to burn.

And I owe that to accepting Jesus as Lord and saviour! The number 1 relationship for all mankind. His Bible has taught me the value of relationship – God with me and me with the world.

Maybe that is Good News to share with someone… I know my Mum & Dad appreciated it.


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