I love Australia and it’s people. Especially those in the outback and country towns.

“Mate, you want that steak burger on a plate? It’ll make it easier to get it in ya!”

Good old service.

Then, I took the top piece of toast off my burger and put it to the side. After I ate the burger with a stainless steel sharp knife and fork supplied (no plastic!), the bloke dropped some jam off to eat with the toast. Very thoughtful. Afterwards, I went to pay for the jam and I got the reply, “I couldn’t charge a bloke with such a good lookin’ wife!”

Yep, that was breakfast on our first day.

Midday and we spot Mirrool where Sunrise recently did a story on the Silo Kick – see if you can kick a footy over the silos and win $1000. Population, 21. It is amazing what country folk do for entertainment.

A little later, our first sight of the floods… more tomorrow.

Arriving in West Wyalong, we were greeted with a banner across the road in Main Street. It was a brilliant reminder of the reason for the season. Country towns aren’t politically correct… they just kept their common sense. Love them!

On to Parkes and of course, “The Dish”. What a ripper! And we finally purchased our own long desired copy of the film, “The Dish”, from the museum there.

On to Dubbo and in search of a room at an Inn… things have changed since Jesus was born. We’re in!

And that concludes the 900+km drive for the first day.

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