Christmas has passed and the festivities subside. But this morning we arise and head off on holidays.

The kids are staying home due to work commitments… someone needs to keep the country going 😉

Dawn is yet to come. The early hour that would normally demand a return to bed is filled with anticipation and exuberance. Last minute packing fills the car.

A song begins to trickle out, “We’re all going on a summer holiday” and is quickly followed by The Castle classic, “We’re all goin’ to Bonnydoon”, until Judith gives me ‘the look’ and the dying rendition fades to a defiant hum.

I have fond memories of going on road trips. From sleeping on the parcel shelf with my back against the cool glass of the rear window to the scenery, a blur out the side window with glimpses of the railway line and my active imagination creating my own railway set one day. It is amazing what is seeded in our early years.

Yes, our road trip begins.

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