Who would love to have a new car, a newly built beautiful 4 bedroom home, in a prestigious suburb, with a maintenance free garden with a pond, waterfall and a swiming pool – heated of course. The house is filled with amazing comfortable furniture and the latest gizmos – Plasma Theater style TV, piped music to any room, Bose Sound system, computerised lighting systems, Xbox, Playstation, an enviable CD/DVD collection, plus any other item you could imagine right now?

That’s the material things taken care of…how about being in the dream job being paid an obscene amount with all the perks? And then there is love… how about the sexiest, most brilliant partner of your dreams? Wait a minute, skip the married bit, let’s just go straight to the sex bit! Have I missed anything? Then add it to this list now.

Most people, especially young adults, want the best life has to offer immediately. The ads on TV, or in the Papers, say you can. Others say you can. There are unbelievable deals available for you to acquire them, now. Businesses will offer buy now, pay later. Even the Banks chime in with Credit Card offers and loans…easy finance options.

And not just young people. There are adults who have been chasing these things for years and continue to do so… striving, wheeling and dealing, chasing… does it ever end?!

Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.
Proverbs 28:19

And therein lies the 1st key. There is nothing wrong with having nice things, a great marriage, the home, the car. It just takes patience, time and dilligent work.

The cost of acquiring a dream immediately is usually debt. What follows is a lifetime of stress associated with that debt. Sometimes people will do just about anything to get whatever it is, now. They are susceptable to falling into the traps of consumerism, gambling (win lotto and skip to the dreams), getting into shonky deals, corruption. They are blinded to the pitfalls by the overwhelming desire to ‘acquire now’.

But if you are patient, work dilligently, you will acquire your dreams over time. The anticipation, the enjoyment of the dream fulfilled, is delightful. You will have time to savor it, appreciate it and fully enjoy it.

Do pursue your dreams…but with patience, time and dilligent work.

The 2nd key is to “work the land”. This is knowing what your ‘land’ is. What are you good at? What skills, abilities do you have? Use them. I see so many people get distracted from their primary work by ‘make-money-quick schemes’ and ‘opportunities’…these are “fantasies“.

If you put as much effort into that from which you derive your income, i.e. your work, the reward will come through patience, time and dilligence.

So, what’s your dream? What ‘land’ must you ‘work’ to acquire your dream?