Today it is rare to find someone who makes a commitment and fulfills it. How many times have you had someone who rings you up at the last moment to cancel because they have decided to do something else. What ever happened to the value, “I gave you my word” and a “commitment”.

To me a commitment is something not to be broken even when it costs you. I learnt this when I was young in the faith. God challenged my commitment. He asked, “Will you commit to gathering with other believers on Sunday morning (that was the only time that was available then) to worship me?”

“Of course” said I. But that was easy to say on the Monday before. I loved going to church as it was all new to me and most enjoyable.

Then, that week, I got offered a corporate box seat at the Grand Prix in Melbourne for free. That was exciting and sounded like lots of fun – free food, drinks, exciting viewing and did I mention it was free! And I must admit that at the time it sounded far better than going to church that Sunday.

Then God reminded me of my commitment I had made to Him on the Monday.

To be truthful, I really agonised over that commitment. What’s the chances of ever getting a Grand Prix offer like that again… almost a once in a life time offer – certainly it was for me as to this day I haven’t seen the Grand Prix live.

But I made the decision to honour my commitment.

It taught me two things:

1. don’t be flipant and make a commitment lightly, as it may cost you.

2. having turned down the Grand Prix, it was never that hard from then on to honour my commitments.

I believe this is a value that the believers of the early church had right from the beginning. We see it in Acts 2:42.

They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Acts 2:42

Prayer: Lord, help me not to make commitments lightly, and when I make a commitment to keep it, even when it may cost me. In Jesus name I ask it. Amen.