Have you ever been at a noisy party where there are heaps of kids playing, adults chattering and laughing, music blaring – the noise is high.

All of a sudden you will see a particular parent stop what they are doing, their head is suddenly raised. Attentive. Their eyes are sharp, focused. They are like a deer who was a moment ago lapping up water but now has been startled by present danger.

Then the parent announces, “That’s my son!”

Puzzled, you pause and tune into what has startled this parent. Then over the din, you realise there is a child crying. Incredible, how did that parent know it was theirs?!

For those of you who are parents you will be aware of the phenomenon of the Dad, or Mum who can pickup the cry of their child, when in a crowd or noisy environment. They just know it is their child who has cried out and their response is immediate.

Because you are his children, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.” Galatians 4:6

Our relationship with God has been restored and as Christians we are now children of God. The expression “Abba Father” in Scripture is descriptive of a very close and intimate relationship. Father God is very formal, but Abba Father is like saying Daddy which is more informal and intimate.

It is the Holy Spirit within us that forms this close and intimate relationship. He is the One who binds us and connects us closely to God.

When we cry out Abba Father, our heavenly Dad is attentive to our cry…He hears us. Even in the midst of all the noise around us, He hears us.

Have you called out to God lately? Be assured, He is not far away and has heard your cry.