Australians duped again! When have we ever voted for a Prime Minister?!

On the evening prior to his demise, Ex-Prime Minister Rudd exclaimed, “I was elected by the people of Australia to be their Prime Minister”. I can’t believe Kevin Rudd actually said this. It is as if he believed his own Parties media spin. Interestingly, this is what the Australian Labor Party rode into power on.   The Kevin’07 Campaign was all a whitewash of individual charisma to simply win power for Labor. And so did the Liberals, by the way. People went to the polls believing they were voting for, or against, Kevin Rudd and John Howard.

Well Kevin Rudd won….or did he?

Let’s take a quick look at the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party, commonly known as The Caucus, which is divided along formal factional lines. The two biggest factions are the National Right and the National Left. Each of these factions contains smaller state-based factions, such as (on the Right) the Victorian Labor Unity group and (on the Left) the Victorian Socialist Left. Members who are not associated with either faction are described as Independents. The two main factions hold factional meetings once a week during Parliamentary sitting weeks.

Factional allegiances in the Caucus tend to be closely related to state political loyalties, and also to trade union affiliations. Large unions such as the Australian Workers’ Union, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association, regard as “theirs” Members and Senators who formerly held office in those unions, or who have received union support in gaining their preselections, and expect them to act in the union’s interests.

But Australians, each get to vote for a representative, that has been preselected, to serve on our behalf as a member of Parliament. That’s it!

Remember that member belongs to a Party. That Party has its Power Brokers who approve, groom, manipulate and drive their candidates into the seats of power to execute their ultimate agendas. Politicians learn the art of compromise and negotiation to get their opportunity to ‘do good’. But the price is at the cost of compromise and the fulfilling of agreements and promises made to those who cleared the way for their rise to power.

So why are we so surprised at the unceremonious dumping by the Australian Labor Party of their right wing Kevin Rudd for the left wing Julia Gillard. It is after all the Party that selects and votes in the Prime Minister … factional allegiances fighting it out behind the scenes.

Personally, I think people feel ripped off. Those who voted in the ‘nice face of Labor’, Kevin Rudd, voted in a right wing flavoured government  but now have a left wing factional group with a whole different set of agendas with Julia Gillard at the helm. Their turn.

I can’t help be a little cynical with our politics. Now days the only influence we have, if we as individuals make it a priority, is through lobby groups who strive to infiltrate or convince the different factional groups of their cause. The “squeaky wheel gets the oil” as they say. But that means nothing unless it means those people who believe in the cause are in sufficient numbers to affect the vote at the time of an Election.

And therein lies the power … it is in the hands of the individual… one vote, our vote.

Will we vote for another ‘individual’ that says all the nice things that we want to hear? Or do we take the time to look at the policies that each Party (and their different factions) stand for, what they will push and execute as their agenda when in government? And if a Party does support our cause, what are we willing to compromise in other areas so our cause is protected? Are we prepared to actually get involved ourselves?

Confused? That just means you have some work to do. Australians need to ensure their vote counts.

All who are prudent act with knowledge, but fools expose their folly.
Proverbs 13:16

We must be ever vigilant of the smoke and mirrors and from being suckered into brilliant campaigns designed to draw us in as fools.

Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.
Romans 13:1

The Commonwealth of Australia was established by God. I am called to live in, and be responsible to, the Commonwealth of Australia… as is every citizen of this country.

For me, I haven’t made it a priority to get involved with any of the parties. So I have no right to winge about what they do.

However, before I vote, I do look at the viable candidates in my electorate. I pray and ask God for wisdom. I call each one and inquire of their personal beliefs (in God and their level of obedience to Him) and ask their personal view or position on matters that concern me. I ask how strong they feel on each one and even ask if they feel strong enough to ‘cross the floor’ on such decisions (i.e. would they be prepared to go against their Parties position if it opposes ours). When I make my choice, I let them know that during their time as my representative, I will pray for them and will hold them accountable for the position they have committed to me. Then do so during their term.

How well do you know your representatives?