Imagine walking along the road. Your iPod blocks out all distractions as your thoughts dance to the melody in your ears.

Your heart skips a beat as you catch, out of the corner of your eye, some person rushing towards you. They are yelling something at you, but the music drowns them out.

You have no real time to react as they hit you full force like that of a Rugby tackle and you are pushed sideways off your feet. You are unceremoniously pushed in a direction unfamiliar, and a bit scary.

Your initial reaction is that of annoyance.

Who is this person interrupting my day?! And how dare they tackle me!…and all is answered in an instant as a large truck roars over the path you were walking on!

“This is the dream that I, King Nebuchadnezzar, had. Now, Belteshazzar, tell me what it means, for none of the wise men in my kingdom can interpret it for me. But you can, because the spirit of the holy gods is in you.” Then Daniel (also called Belteshazzar) was greatly perplexed for a time, and his thoughts terrified him. So the king said, “Belteshazzar, do not let the dream or its meaning alarm you.” Belteshazzar answered, “My lord, if only the dream applied to your enemies and its meaning to your adversaries!
Daniel 4:18,19

We all stroll along the road listening to the tunes of Life. Even King Nebuchadnezzar was in a world of his own, top of the pile, and enjoying life.

As with him, we too may be totally unaware that Hell is rushing up behind us, with the Devil at the wheel. It could easily sweep us up in it’s path. But thank God for the Daniels of this world who, even though with trembling and trepidation, boldly and obediently intervene. Eternity is but a breath away.

Do you see a kindly soul, who may initially try to get your attention, or, who may take unwanted or uninvited steps towards you. Their invitation to look around, and see for yourself, is all that is needed…will you look?