Recently, in an article, “What to do in a world going to hell in a basket!“, I wrote:

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14

When we consider this, and knowing what “the end” means, I am sure you would agree that it is a worthy cause to give of what time we have left, and what resources we have at our disposal. The focus of The Church, that is all Christians, primarily needs to be intensified in this area and not be neglected, or we delay “the end.”

We are Commanded to do many things and we should not neglect any of them. But we must make room to fulfill this last command.

This has impacted me personally. I have resigned from CityLife Church as a Pastor and as of May 16, 2011, I will take up the role of Operations Manager at Empart Australia.

Empart - What we do.Empart exists to ignite church planting movements among unreached people.

Its mission is to reach the unreached, restoring, releasing and resourcing them to fulfill the Great Commission, through partnership with the global body of Christ.

And what captures my heart: Empart’s primary goal is to see 100,000 churches planted and established among unreached people in Asia by 2030.

Empart now averages about 3 new church plants every day, reaching about 6.5 million people every week through its various activities. With more than 2,000 full-time workers and offices in 7 countries, Empart is well positioned and on track to achieve its objectives.

I loved working for CityLife Church. It’s awesome, its people are awesome… and I will still remain connected as a partner and worship there as my local church.

My move is simply a redeployment within the Kingdom of God. Consider for a moment your house. If your house was the Kingdom of God and the rooms were like different organisations within the Kingdom, then moving a chair between rooms to where it is currently needed is fine – especially when guests have arrived and you are one chair short. You don’t lose the chair. The chair is still in the house. It has just been redeployed to where it is most needed. I’m like that chair.

I don’t often ask for things, but as a reader of my blog, this time I would like to ask you to do three things for me:
To Do

  1. Please pray for the work of Empart and for me
  2. When you see me, encourage me (especially if you are at CityLife 😉
  3. Consider what Empart does and maybe get involved (Here’s how to start). You will be surprised how easy it can be to help in your own way.