$296.90. That was the bank balance. The pile of Bills – 495.50! A couple ‘must be paid – last reminder’ bills and all demanding. $295.50 due Monday. And I’m just new to the concept of tithing – $165 due tomorrow, Sunday giving.

“Lord, I’m broke. I’m new to tithing and I want to honour You, but how can I? I want to also give, but how can I? If I don’t pay the tithe, I would be able to pay the ‘last-reminder’ bills and wait to Payday to pay the others. If I do pay the tithe I will be in trouble – BIG trouble.”

I’m sure I heard the Lord say to me that He honours those who honour Him. To me, I was convinced that I needed to tithe and to give. It was a huge step of faith for me! Or, was it stupidity? At that time, I really wasn’t sure, but I did know that I loved Jesus and wanted to be obedient to Him.

…while I was still in prayer, Gabriel, … came to me in swift flight… As soon as you began to pray, a word went out, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed.
Daniel 9:21,23

As with Daniel, this too was true for me.

Sunday came. I paid the tithe and I gave $10 in giving. My account now sat at $121.90

As I arrived home from church, I cleared the mailbox of all the junk mail. In it I found an envelope. When I opened it, $383.60 in notes and coins were in it. No note, no nothing – just the money!

I had paid my tithe, and gave, and was able to pay all my bills with $10 left in the Bank – same as what I gave, over and above my tithe!

God was faithful and gracious on that day. I learnt that He hears our prayers and knows our need, even before we ask! I am sure that He either dispatched a Saint, or an Angel, to deliver that exact amount. The concept and logistics of that still boggles my mind.

This happened only once. I also realised had to begin to take responsibility for my expenses, budget better and manage my money wisely – and had a few bad times that year when things were very tight. But I never forgot God’s faithfulness and the lesson learnt.

The key here is that God hears our prayers and He will answer them – sometimes in totally different ways than we could ever think or imagine.