Sameesha - Broken, unloved.

Sameesha - Broken, unloved.

Over the years, I have read or heard of many stories of heartbreak and despair. In most cases they leave you feeling sad and helpless.

And in typical ‘bloke’ fashion, I would suppress my emotions and move on as I realised it wasn’t within my power to do something about them.

My protective veneer is well honed.

Then I read the recent story of Sameesha. It started:

Lying half naked in the middle of the street,  her hair was badly matted, she had not bathed in over a year and she was screaming obscenities to the people passing by as she threw rocks at their faces.

But in the end, there was a miracle.

I cried.

Sameesha’s story hit me in a way I have not experienced before. It seeped in under that tough old veneer.

Sameesha Transformed

Sameesha Transformed

The more I tried to shake it, remove it, forget it, the more her story hounded me. I realised it demanded of me, a response.

There are heaps of ‘Sameeshas’ who desperately need help… AND I found a way to finally make a real difference!

I discovered that I could respond. It was so easy.

I have to say that while I work at Empart, and in this case that is the vehicle of transformation, I would have done this long ago… if only I had known.

If Sameesha’s story speaks to you as it did to me, would you consider joining me and being a part of the solution this Christmas? In eternity you will be so glad you did!

See and read Sameesha’s Story for yourself.