A few months ago, we moved to a new suburb. We now had to travel in the opposite direction on the freeway to church. It was very unfamiliar traveling the opposite way…it is amazing how we get quickly used to a particular way.

As I approached the freeway exit, it just didn’t look familiar and for an instant I wasn’t sure if it was the right exit. Do I turn now or is it the next exit? If I exit now, is it one that I can get back onto the freeway again if it is the wrong one? If I don’t exit now, how far will I have to travel before I will be able to get back? And a heap more thoughts flashed through my mind, as the point of no return approached at 100kph!

I was caught in indecision.

I even appealed to my wife quickly, “Is this the turn off?” She wasn’t sure either. Oh, great I really do have to make the decision! 200 meters before we pass the exit.

Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No… ohhh… YES! And I exited. Not as smoothly as I would have liked it.

30 seconds later the decision was confirmed a good one. Whew.

Have you ever caught yourself vacillating between one way and another? How uncomfortable is that!

It was interesting that Governor Festus in Acts 25 had a similar problem. Do I set Paul free or do I not? If I do, it causes me grief, if I don’t it causes me grief…

But when Paul made his appeal to be held over for the Emperor’s decision, I (Festus) ordered him held until I could send him to Caesar.” Act 25:21

Festus was happy for anyone to make a decision about Paul. No different to me when I appealed to my wife for the freeway exit decision. He even let King Agrippa have ago at it. He was just as bad. “Take the easier road, just pass the buck onto Caesar” was the only decision Festus made – this way he didn’t have to decide Paul’s fate.

Some decisions are hard, there is no doubt.

When we find ourselves paralysed at a point of decision, no decision is a decision! Just not a good one. Fear wins and faith in yourself fails.

Decisiveness is a choice. Decisiveness is characterised by or displaying no or little hesitation; being resolute and determined.

And to be perfectly honest, being decisive is a more comfortable position to be in as long as you are prepared to be responsible for your decision and are prepared to face any consequences, good or bad. Only then will you be able to make decisions with confidence.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be decisive. May you grant me the wisdom to make good decisions and to make them swiftly, with confidence. In Jesus’ Name I ask it. Amen.