“Slow down!” Mum warned Dad. Her plea ignored. Moments latter, a flash of blue and red, followed by the embarrassment of a lecture on speeding and a ticket for emphasis.

A moment of warning…a challenge… a choice…a last chance if you will. The consequences swiftly follow.

In the Book of John, I have always wondered what would have happened if Judas Iscariot had not accepted the bread from Jesus.

After Jesus had said this, he was deeply troubled and declared openly, “I am telling you the truth: one of you is going to betray me.” The disciples looked at one another, completely puzzled about whom he meant. One of the disciples, the one whom Jesus loved, was sitting next to Jesus. Simon Peter motioned to him and said, “Ask him whom he is talking about.” So that disciple moved closer to Jesus’ side and asked, “Who is it, Lord?” Jesus answered, “I will dip some bread in the sauce and give it to him; he is the man.” So he took a piece of bread, dipped it, and gave it to Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot. As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, “Hurry and do what you must!” None of the others at the table understood why Jesus said this to him. Since Judas was in charge of the money bag, some of the disciples thought that Jesus had told him to go and buy what they needed for the festival, or to give something to the poor. Judas accepted the bread and went out at once. It was night. John 13:21-30

Judas’ mind was set and he ignored the last chance. He accepted the bread. The consequences were that as soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him.

Whenever I read the Word of God, The Bible, I am challenged in different areas of my life. Those challenges are a loving and correcting opportunity from God.

I believe that the Grace of God will always present one last opportunity before the consequences of our actions are metered out. Sometimes, time is of the essence. Like my Mum warning my Dad. Like Judas accepting the bread. Like a lost soul accepting Jesus as Lord. Like a correction that comes from reading the Bible.

Each challenge is unique.

Maybe, just maybe, next time we will consider carefully a challenge to our actions, behaviour, thoughts.

Will you be prepared to adjust your set mind and take a different path?