Sock from LaundryHey thanks. I’ve been looking for that since I did my laundry in 1998.

Sadly, even though you found my sock, I have misplaced the page you were looking for.

I can hardly believe it myself. And there is one of two reasons:

1. The Search Engine has an old link. I moved hosting locations recently… and Search engines are still catching up!

Solution: You can type in the key words you were searching for into the ::SEARCH THIS SITE:: on the right of this page.

2. I forgot to create it!

Solution: You can use the ::SEARCH THIS SITE:: on the right of this page. But, if I did indeed forgot to create it, well, fat lot of good that will do you. I do apologise for the inconvenience.

Please, do enjoy the site as you explore further using the TOP MENU or SEARCH THIS SITE.

Kind Regards,
Peter J. Coburn