For every story in life there is one side, the other side and somewhere in between lies the truth.

It is my experience to be skeptical when viewing news reports. The media is easily manipulated (remember the military briefings and false and ‘canned’ footage given to the media during Iraq war). I usually like to independently verify stories before propagating them. And rarely do I make political comment.

However, the article below was sent to me this morning from what I consider a reliable source**.  As did they, I too felt that this report has more truth in it than anything I’ve heard on the news to date. Note though, neither my source or I can independently verify this report.

What I do know is this: The crisis in Egypt needs our prayers.

Let’s get this word out to bring balance into this event, and especially let’s stand in faith for Egypt and its future.

Eye-Witness Account from Egypt

Dear Friends,

Egypt is finding its way towards more freedom, but please don’t believe what the international media is saying!

There is a plot to topple the president, and Egyptians do not want that. I have been on the streets with many hundreds of thousands, probably even millions, who want stability, dialogue, and change with Mubarak until the elections in September. There are forces taking advantage of the situation and twisting facts and figures to portray to the international community a distorted image to topple the government.

The vast majority of people in the streets in peaceful demonstrations (I speak as an eyewitness because I took to the streets myself) are carrying banners saying things like:

– yes to stability, yes to Mubarak

– give change a chance
– we are sorry Mr. president
– we accept dialogue, we trust you- no to El-Baradei, no to the muslim brotherhood (many like this one)
– we are the Egyptians, where is Al-Jazeera, let them come and see
– no to corruption, no to vandalism
– we got what we asked the president for, so why are people still in Tahrir? Who are they? What do they want? etc., etc., etc.

We met with people who were in the original protest in Tahrir square who decided to join us saying: we got what we asked for, and now we accept Mubarak’s changes and proposals.

I left the street with my wife around 4:15 pm, and the numbers in the neighbourhood of Mohandessin where the crowds were gathered had swelled to easily over a million. As we drove home we saw the same slogans on banners all over the city, on cars, on walls, on shop windows. We learned that similar demonstrations are taking place all over the country, in many different cities. This is the cry of the people of Egypt that is being totally ignored by the international news media. Is this on purpose??!!! I am perplexed!!!

I am wondering: How come CNN, the BBC, and others are reporting only the anti-government protests as the voice of the people? This is not justice, this is not the truth. There have been reports that these people are being paid by the government. Not true! I was there with many, many others. I saw the streets.

Now to the situation in Tahrir square. Only a few people (hundreds?) are still there from the original protesters. They have been slowly replaced by other highly organized groups. They all have the same model of cell phones. They all have the same blankets (eye witnesses). THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT.

Some witnesses claim that they don’t look Egyptians, and don’t sound Egyptians (different accent, different dialect). This is a big organized coup to try to convince the world through the media that Egypt wants Mubarak to go, and the media is part of the deception.

People in Tahrir square are escalating the situation on purpose to topple President Mubarak for their own hidden agendas. This is typical of the muslim brothers, and everybody in the streets of Cairo knows this. We heard people on the streets saying that the plot to take over the country is now clear. The international media doesn’t want you to know this.

The escalation of violence in Tahrir square is because of this. Egyptians who love Egypt, the millions that took to the streets yesterday, want this to end. They fully understand that president Mubarak is between a rock and a hard place, that he cannot quench the unrest in Tahrir through the army, so the people want to go to Tahrir to disperse the crowds there by themselves. People in Tahrir are vastly outnumbered. If Egyptians go the Tahrir square to take control of the situation, more chaos will erupt, giving a chance to the international media to blame the President even more.

Don’t believe an opportunist like Mohammed El-Baradei who is deceiving the international community into putting pressure on president Mubarak to leave immediately so they can fulfill their own agendas. Franklin Roosevelt said, “Nothing happens by accident in politics. If it happened, somebody made it happen.” And this is NOT what Egyptians want! I am an Egyptian. My wife and I were on the streets on Tuesday and Wednesday in support of the current regime, and we saw millions on the streets. If Egypt falls, then neighboring countries are going to fall one after the other. Someone is behind this!

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** Source: Ministries of Francis Frangipane on Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 4:05am