When I was a kid, my mum always wanted me to change to clean underwear every time I went out. Why change a pair of perfectly warmed up, un-starched pair of undies that took the best part of the day to wear in!

My Mum would respond, “Because if you got hit by a truck, the Doctor’s and nurses would at least be able to remove clean undies and it would not be an embarrassment to your Mother”.

But to me, if I got hit by a truck, I’d think my undies would be the last concern… especially if I saw the truck an instant before it hit me!

So, sometimes it is not convenient, or it is a pain to change. But change for the better is always good. Or sometimes you need to change because someone smarter than you recommends you do.

It was great using the free Blogger from Google. I was very comfy to keep using it. But, with great tools and more options,  I am now using my own hosted site for blogging.

I have transferred all my existing posts to the new site at Coburns.biz

For all who have followed my blog through the Subscription Service, you will need to,

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I will eventually move PJCwasHere.com and point it to Coburns.biz (when Google release it to me!)

Hopefully this ‘pair’ will last a little longer 😉