Southern Spirit Incorporated (SSI) acts as a not-for-profit central hub between generous benevolent individuals/businesses, like you, and charities/organisations working with families in need, or crisis, in our communities.

This means people can give generously and receive tax deductibility for each donation, whilst remaining anonymous to the charities/organisations and the final recipients. No more being chased by dozens of charities seeking funds or being hounded by needy individuals chasing after your money.

Donations are distributed through the many charities and organisations who are working directly with those who need it most. Their intimate knowledge of each recipient, coupled with other services they provide (e.g. counseling services, food, etc), ensures that the right people are identified and helped. SSI authorises and audits all transactions to ensure they go towards the direct relief of poverty, sickness, distress, helplessness, destitution, suffering and misfortune.

Now you can give confidentially and confidently to ONE ORGANISATION and impact MANY.