The question that sits at the back of our mind is, “How do I survive a financial crisis?”

We dare not speak out but it sits heavy upon us. We watch as interest rates for housing rise, cost of living rises, petrol, basic foods, electricity bills, gas bills, rates, all going up so fast. And yet, wages stay dormant.

We shudder when we see Wall Street go into a downward spiral and wait for the onslaught to our shares and superannuation.We regularly see on the news the reaction of the experts and government as it tries unsuccessfully to negotiate the best path through the financial turmoil.

Recessions, depressions, wars, rise and fall of nations, and the quality of your daily living are all influenced by the manipulation of money. We kinda know it because we are all striving to get more of it. People work harder, longer, and yet the appetite for more money is never quelled.

It remains a puzzle. So what is the answer?

First imagine you have a jigsaw puzzle in a plain box. You have no idea what picture the puzzle will form in to. So, you tip the puzzle out and examine the pieces individually. Some make sense and some don’t. Then you discover the corner pieces and the edges of the puzzle. From here the puzzle forms quickly. As each piece is added you begin to see the picture – some parts clearer than others and gaps exist. It is not until the last piece is added that you can say, “I can see the full picture!”

The corner pieces and edges of our puzzle are to understand the history of our Financial System, who controls it and how, and how it impacts on you directly.

TIP #1: There is no shortcut. Remaining naive is not an option.

“My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge”
Hosea 4:6

Knowledge is the first step and key to discovering the answer to the question, “How do I survive?”

The second step requires wisdom… that is, what to do with the knowledge.

Are you ready to put the corner pieces and edges into place?

Here they are:

The History of our Financial System

As you click on each link, it will open a new tab or window. It will allow you to return to this page to keep putting the pieces together.

Also, keep an eye out for the Key to unlock the Puzzle (left) along the way. These are crucial points to unlocking your understanding.

How do I survive?

So, how does the puzzle look to you right now?

Do you see the full picture? Are there any pieces missing? I’m happy to go looking for them together… let me know.