I just recieved an e-mail from a friend of mine, David McCracken, Christian Prophet with a message that he wanted to share. He wrote:

At the close of one year and the beginning of a new one, I pondered as to what would be the most vital and important thing I could say to you as both Prophet and friend. What follows was written as a personal journal; a spontaneous burst of life as the sheer joy of it filled my heart. I now know it was something God wanted me to share with each one of you and all those you have influence with.Take the time to read it carefully and without distraction. Don’t think of the time it will take to read, think of the freedom and encouragement it will impart. You’ll be glad you did!

We are so Loved!

How are we supposed to do this life that sometimes can be so demanding and hard? Is there a secret that takes the pursuit of trying to do the right thing and transforms it into an exhilarating adventure?

I believe there is.

For so much of my life serving Jesus was associated with disciplines and endeavours of righteousness. These are vital and valid but, in recent times I have found that they are such a small part of a much bigger picture. They are like fine threads in a magnificent tapestry. Threads that we can be so preoccupied by, that we never stand back and look at the beauty and splendour of what is already achieved and created without our input and effort.

I speak of God’s greatest and most dominating attribute: His love for us. An unconditional, all-accepting, deeply affectionate, passionately motivated, and predictably available love. A love that sees all of our weaknesses, all of our frustrations and anger, all of our expressions of humanity, all our unlovable warts; and yet loves us with a persistence and unwavering devotion that cannot be faltered by any of our Adamic twitches of independence. He loves us with an indestructible love.

We all need a revelation of:

Abba Father – God loves as a Father (passionately and with unswerving devotion);

His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as our Bridegroom – He loves us as one would love the one who is engaged to become their Bride (a sense of delight and great affection);

The Holy Spirit as our Comforter – He loves us as a best friend (with the desire and ability to empower us daily for life).

This whole thing is about how much all three members of the Godhead love us and long to have our love in return.

The bottom line is that with all His knowledge of our failures, our God loves us! He longs to spend time with us and to hang out together. He does not tolerate our company, He enjoys it; He does not need our pleading to forgive, a sincere whisper is enough for He longs to forgive instantly and fully. Why? Because He is so eager to hang out together again without the hindrance of us feeling condemned.

As inconceivable as it is to the human mind, the God who created Heaven & Earth, who has all power and dominion, who has angels bowing before Him in worship, created us to be an object of His indescribable love and to be loved by us in return.

When a revelation of this hits our hearts, we will reach out to embrace every day as a day filled with affection, heart-warming conversation, life-empowering acceptance and the sheer delight of being so completely loved.

We are loved by the Father who is perfect in His love, we are loved by the King who sees us as His bride to be, we are loved by the Holy Spirit Who is our best friend and never leaves us.

When we get a revelation of that, the pursuit of holiness and zeal are no longer a discipline but a joyous response to such an overwhelming sense of being so incredibly loved!

We awake each day with such gratitude and appreciation for such an unreasonable love (considering all we know about ourselves) that we delight to find ways to please Him and make Him smile.

Life becomes a joyous adventure! No longer to be lived as an endeavour to achieve, a striving to be good enough, a discipline to do the right thing, but the bubbling over of one that awakes to that day knowing that they will spend it with the One who loves them! Loves them so unconditionally, so fervently, so predictably, that it energizes their own heart with passion and anticipation.

Life will still be life. We live in a fallen world. Storms will come and tragic events will occur, unreasonable accusations and the fruit of fallen nature will invade our days. We are human and we live in a world that has rejected His love.

And then there is the working of the Master Potter upon our clay, moulding us for an eternity of rule and dominion as co-heirs; preparing us for an indescribable authority to commence expression here and now but continue for eternity in the creations to come. Like the skilled hands of a physiotherapist, the unravelling of the knots in our humanity can hurt at times.

It is true that life contains that which we do not understand.

But, my friends, when the revelation of His indescribable love floods our hearts and we daily acknowledge the reality of His warmth and affection, our hearts become indestructible. Life now is something you do as one energised and strengthened by the song that bursts forth daily from within, “He loves me! Me, yes, me! My Father loves me!”

I think of that joyous song from the musical, “South Pacific” which has the line, “I’m in love! I’m in love! I’m in love! I’m in love with a wonderful guy!”. Friends, that’s what it is all about.

And there is nothing exclusively feminine about loving with passion. When we are called the Bride (betrothed) it is no more feminine than it is masculine when God calls us ‘sons’. He is describing the nature of our relationship with Him: the security and authority of sonship and the intimacy and passion of being His Bride. So guys, forget the ‘macho’ thing and realise that loving passionately and with abandon is just as male as conquering a city by conquest. Just ask the Psalmist, David! He loved life as both warrior and worshipper; strong in authority and passionate in his love for God. David was a flawed man yet the only one that would be known as “a man after God’s own heart”. Why? Because He had discovered God’s mercy, His kindness, His compassion, His acceptance, His grace, His extravagant Father’s love. And that discovery motivated Him every day to love such a God with all His heart and to live life to honour Him. David was passionate in his love for God!

Living to please Him becomes a buzz! We want to love the things He loves and hate the things He hates. We want to pursue the light for that is where we find Him. We want to flee from darkness because we know He is not there. Our pursuit is to be with the One that has captured our heart and overwhelmed us with His affection.

Instead of choosing what is right or wrong based upon various interpretations of what constitutes godly living, we see all of life in its simplicity: where will I find Him, what does He delight in, how can I best bring Him pleasure, can we enjoy it together and laugh out loud.

The truth is, I gain such indescribable joy in loving Him and being loved by Him that if it offends Him, it offends me; if it brings Him pleasure, it brings me pleasure.

Life was not designed to be a regulated imposing of suggested conduct but a joyous pursuit of finding ways to bring pleasure to the Lover of our heart. Regulations and disciplines are introduced substitutes without which we would self-destruct (they are tragically necessary for most of mankind); but God’s intention was never that we should do life that way. He wants us to live life as a celebration of His love, a geyser of gratitude that bursts from within, a consuming passion, the amazement and warmth of looking into the eyes of the One that cannot contain His affection for us.

Life was designed as a love affair, a delight of two people deeply in love. Not isolated from trial and challenge, disappointment and contradiction, but strong and secure, knowing that they have in each other an indestructible love that will prevail.

Can I encourage you not to strive to do this Christian life but rather to ask your wonderful friend, the Holy Spirit, to give you a personal revelation of just how wonderfully you are loved. Then, having done so, accept it as a truth and existing reality, and communicate with Him as if you already have received that revelation. With a boldness and daring audacity that He longs for and expects, reach out to embrace The Father and declare your gratitude and joy at being so indescribably loved.

I say it again: with such a sense of security and confidence, life becomes a joyous adventure!

Buzzed about life and unashamedly in love,
David McCracken
David McCracken Ministries

Thank you David for sharing this Word from God!