There was a time that I would not talk to a black man. Hated the Chinese, Japanese and any other for the colour of his skin. I was born into racial prejudice. A world war, a few generations of family affected by atrocities of war, and it is easy to see why people get to hate each other.

I hated these people because my Dad hated these people. I didn’t understand why, it was the tradition.

Ever noticed how some countries just hate another’s guts with a vengeance. It goes on sometimes for hundreds of years…thousands sometimes. Ask any of them why they hate the other and most can’t recall the exact point that took them down this path – “we just hate them, that’s all!”.

It is passed on from generation to generation.

When I accepted what Jesus had done for me on the Cross at Calvery, I was born again. My Father was God in Heaven. My sins had been forgiven. I was born again and I had made the decision to turn from my wicked ways and follow Jesus.

My testamony is the same as the man who was blind from birth – I too was blind from birth to the hatred and prejudices that I then grew up with – And when Jesus entered the scene in my life, I too can say, as the blind man whose sight was restored by Jesus:

“One thing I do know. Once I was blind but now I see!” John 9:25

A new generation has been birthed. A new tradition has begun.

No longer do I see the colour of a man’s skin, but I see the man.

No longer do I see a Race to be hated for past atrocities, but I see a people who need to know the love of the Father and His Son, Jesus.

Once I was blind, but now I see.

What do you see?