Ever seen a dog chasing it’s own tail? Ever seen a blue dog round up sheep?

Both are focused. But only one is getting somewhere and achieving a result.

Ever noticed how we rate the miracles that God does. A blind man sees…ooo, that’s a big one. His prayer for a new job got answered…yeh, it’s okay…down the list a bit. A finger grows back… a real biggy. The sun rose again this morning…aww, that’s just normal. A person just accepted Jesus as their Lord…that’s a cool one.

Then you meet the Signs and Wonders junkies. Gota go to this meeting over there and this one over here just to see the next big miracle. Some people are just hanging out for the next big sign or wonder. Show us a sign Lord. C’mon Lord, another one. C’mon, C’mon, huh, pleeeease. Junkie speak. Just chasing their tails.

“Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.” John 4:48

Signs and wonders are great…but believing in Jesus is even better. Chasing after Him with focused determination and you will leave signs and wonders in your wake. No matter what category they are, you appreciate them all…even down to the breath you just took as you read this line.

Do we chase after signs and wonders or do we chase after the creator of them, Jesus?

Which do you think is better to do?